Alan Shearer now shares who he thinks is the better player – Declan Rice or Rodri

Declan Rice is establishing himself as one of the best players in the Premier League at Arsenal now.

The midfielder is proving to be a huge difference-maker at Arsenal this term, he’s become a real leader in this team and he’s starting to pop up with some vital goals.
Rice’s impact at Arsenal is certainly comparable to the impact Rodri has had at Manchester City, and speaking on The Rest is Football, Gary Lineker, Micah Richards and Alan Shearer have been debating which of these two players they think are better.
Rice better than Rodri according to Alan Shearer

The pundits shared their verdict on this debate.

“Rice or Rodri?” Lineker asked.

“Rodri,” Micah Richards replied.

“Rice,” Alan Shearer stated.

“It’s a tough call. Rice is everywhere, Rodri is brilliant as well. But I think the way Rice has gone straight into things at Arsenal and become one of the most important players. He covers distance, runs the lines, I think Rodri overall would probably get a few more goals. But there are certain similarities, they both keep the ball very well. They are both terrific players, that’s for sure,” Lineker concluded.
Hard to say

It’s hard to say which of these two players is better.

On one hand, Rice has probably been more impactful this season, but, at the same time, Rodri is a mult-time Premier League winner who scored the winning goal in last season’s Champions League final.

On form, Rice may be ahead of Rodri, but, in terms of their standing in the wider footballing pantheon, Rodri is streets ahead of the Arsenal man.

Both players are absolutely fantastic, and if Arsenal or City are to win the league this season, they will both have huge parts to play.

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