Arsenal can still win the League despite Gabriel Jesus not scoring goals

Gabriel Jesus has had a somewhat rocky season, picking up a few injuries and stuff that’s seen him miss a few games for both club and country but when he has been fit enough to play, he’s performed incredible so far this season and looks to be one of our most dangerous threats when going forward. With the year almost over, Arsenal fans will be praying he manages to stay fit through this busy Christmas period and into the new year.

Jesus has not really stepped up when it’s come to scoring this season but he’s been a huge reason why Arsenal as a squad have been scoring so many goals and creating so many chances. Linking up incredibly well with both Bukayo Saka and his fellow compatriot Gabriel Martinelli and all three have looked like a dangerous force this season and seem to be able to read each other’s movements like it’s the back of their hand.

He’s been particularly impressive in The Champions League and has walked away from all 4 of our games probably our best player and has managed to score in every single Champions League game he has played this season. Walking away with a goal in our first match against PSV, then scored our only goal in our loss against RC Lens, then scored a goal and got an assist in our 2-1 win over Sevilla in Spain and then again with another goal and assist in our 6-0 demolishment of RC Lens.

He really feels like a big game player and someone who leads with experience. Although he is clearly scoring and assisting a lot of goals, he is so much more than that and I think this season has really brought out his best qualities, on and off the ball. He’s a true workhorse and never gives up, he has the ability to hold up play and line it forward for his team to have more open chances. He brings a sense of calmness and it’s like it spreads to everyone around him.

Newcastle and England legend Alan Shearer spoke on Jesus after the Wolves game and said this “He’s not a goal scorer, he never has been. When you look at his numbers, he brings more to Arsenal’s game than goals, he’s got one in nine this season. That will improve and that has to improve”.

“I’m not going to say they can’t win the league without having a 20-goal striker because City did it with Gundogan when he got 14 or 15 I think. Chelsea did it with Lampard when he had 14 or 15”.

And personally I have to agree with him, if he can stay fit I think he brings so much to this Arsenal squad that goes unnoticed and because he’s a striker everyone focussing on stats and numbers but it’s more what I see him doing off the ball than on the ball that really impresses me.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

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