Arsenal have Tottenham reality check as fan debate rages over backing Man City slip

Arsenal fans struggling with the idea of backing a Tottenham victory must understand that the reason to do so is not shameful at all

The spectrum of views across the timelines of many Arsenal and Tottenham supporters leading into this final week of the season is a peculiar and fascinating scenario. The Gunners know that it may be their best chance to win the title should their north London rivals secure an unlikely result against Man City.

That said, City’s record against Spurs is one of the worst in the league. They seem to find it extremely difficult to beat them under a variety of coaches and with or without Harry Kane.

Ange Postecoglou managed a 3-3 draw at the Etihad Stadium earlier on this season. Last season Spurs won 1-0 in their home ground and the season before Tottenham did the double over City winning 3-2 in Manchester and 1-0 in north London.

This is why Arsenal have hope but the dynamic has become too much for many. Some Arsenal fans cannot compute in hoping for a positive outcome for their most bitter of rivals

From a personal perspective as an Arsenal supporter myself, the only time I would ever want Arsenal to lose is if in a game where the outcome had no bearing on the Gunners’ season or potential reward like qualification for the Champions League or other European competition, but it would cost Tottenham the league. Many disagree and believe that an Arsenal fan should never want Spurs to win, or Arsenal to lose.

It remains subjective and of course, everyone is entitled to their own view. The best way I have to describe the scenario Arsenal find themselves this season is very simple.

No amount of rivalry-based dislike an Arsenal fan has for Spurs should overcome their love and desire for the Gunners to succeed. Meaning that yes, we may need to compromise on our ingrained desire to wish misfortune on Spurs because the passion and desire for Arsenal to succeed always comes first

For Tottenham, at the very minimum, a top-six finish will still be on the line ahead of the game with City. Wins for Chelsea and Newcastle in their final two games could see them overtake Spurs if they were to lose to City and Sheffield United.

However, the greater incentive remains a UEFA Champions League place which would be a very real possibility should Liverpool beat Aston Villa on Monday night, allowing Postecoglou to close the gap to just one point by beating City. In this scenario, there should be no amount of dislike of Arsenal that would overcome a true fan’s desire to see their side potentially be rewarded with a return to the Champions League.

Granted, it would hurt to see your bitter rivals benefit but again, the love for one’s club should never be outshone or overshadowed by the disdain for your rivals. It is billed to be quite the week with Arsenal fans’ fingers firmly crossed.

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