Arsenal legend Jack Wilshere has now used just one word to describe Tottenham as a club

Jack Wilshere isn’t the biggest Tottenham fan in the world it’s fair to say.

The former Arsenal star has made it clear over the years what he thinks of Tottenham, famously starting a song after the 2014 FA Cup final win that wound up Spurs fans to no end.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Wilshere was playing a game of Word Association and he was asked to describe Tottenham in just one word.

Interestingly, Wilshere chose the word ‘enemy’ to describe Spurs, claiming that he’s reinforced that belief into the Arsenal youth teams recently.

Jack Wilshere describes Tottenham in one word
Wilshere responded when asked to give his verdict on Tottenham.

“Tottenham?” Wilshere was asked.

“I’ll keep it PG ‘enemy’,” Wilshere said.

“I said to my players the other day because we played Tottenham, no matter what you think about this game, they are the enemy.”

Jack Wilshere gets it
Jack Wilshere fully understands the rivalry between the two northern clubs, and it’s almost refreshing to hear this after some of the conversations over the past few weeks.

Indeed, Ange Postecoglou seemed to hit out at his own fans after Spurs’ game against Manchester City due to the fact Tottenham supporters would’ve been happy to lose in order to deny Arsenal the Premier League title.

While that view is, in some way, a little bit perplexing, when you’re fully engrossed in the rivalry between these two clubs, you can easily understand why Spurs fans had this view ahead of the City game.

Tottenham vs Arsenal is one of the fiercest rivalries in English football, and, by the sounds of it, Wilshere is showing the next generation of Arsenal stars just how fiery this rivalry is supposed to be.

Wilshere and Tottenham have been at war for years, and who knows? Perhaps Wilshere could re-ignite this rivalry as the manager of Arsenal one day as he continues to climb the coaching ranks.

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