Arsenal lost league when Arteta mistake told players he ‘didn’t think they were good enough’

Arsenal are ‘starving’ and will be back again. But Mikel Arteta cannot repeat the mistake which told his players he ‘didn’t think they were good enough’.

Arsenal will be back again
I’m a Liverpool fan and it’s fair to say we’ve suffered more at City’s hands than most. Jurgen would be leaving with 3 Premier Leagues rather than 1 if City had only been a tiny bit worse.

But the reality is that they haven’t and it’s forced us to be the best possible version of ourselves in 3 seasons. 97 points and runners up? Insane. But we were better than we ever would have been without City to fight against.

Jurgen’s not leaving with the hugest pile of pots, it’s true. But the quality of football his sides played at our best is some of the greatest we’ve ever seen. In my ever-so-unbiased opinion obviously.

The point of all this is that Arsenal have fallen only ever so slightly short this season and it’s no real fault of theirs. They’ve been bloody good. When they collapsed last year, the naysayers screamed ‘ That was your chance! It’ll never happen again! ‘ So they added Declan Rice and got better. Arteta learnt from the experience and got better.

We needed a world class centre back and goalkeeper to fix our most glaring flaws and went out and got them. Successful seasons then ensued.

Arsenal needed a world class midfielder and striker. They’re half way there – do you really think Arteta doesn’t know exactly who he wants this summer? And if he gets them then Arsenal will be better still. Just like we were.

Even with all that said, it’s bloody draining fighting against City for a whole season. It’s worn our players and our manager out. But only *after* we won everything and our hunger was somewhat satiated. Arsenal are still starving.

They’ve lost nothing this season, they’ve been beaten by the best team this country has ever seen, managed by the best manager this country has ever had. But they got blooming close.

They’ll be back next year, they will be better and I genuinely believe Pep will have to raise his game to match them.

Christ knows what kind of a season we’ll have mind you.

Skim read the Jason Soutar article to see if the penny had dropped with Arsenal (fans) as to why they may not have won the league (it’s not over until its over

wasn’t the December slump. City had a bigger slump this season. It wasn’t bread and butter misses. City have had their fair share of them too this season. It wasn’t losing away from home. That can happen all the time.

The reason Arsenal may not have won the league, is simple. They came to the Ethiad and played for a draw. They parked the bus. If you want to win the league, you have to dethrone the champions. You have to go to their place and (try and) play them off the park, not sit back and play like a minnow in an FA cup game. It demonstrates that Arteta didn’t think they were good enough to go toe to toe with the champs and that filters down to the players. Many of their fans were cock-a-hoop with a draw. City fans looked on in bemusement and I very much suspect it gave their players a lot of belief that they were the best team. It certainly didn’t rock their confidence or give them sleepless nights.

I remember when City played Chelsea in 2017 at the Bridge at the end of September. Chelsea were champions and City were desperate to prove themselves. They went to Stamford Bridge and outplayed them in every part of the pitch. The win didn’t come easy and only after an exceptional KdB goal. Despite it being very early in the season, it gave City real confidence and the team went onto become known as the Centurions. Once you know you can beat the champions at their place you can beat anyone in the league and go on to win the league. Belief and knowing your the best is everything.

But ‘toothless’ and ‘rancid’ Man Utd humbled Gunners
People are a strange bunch. Prior to Arsenal, and following Palace, all the talk was that the mighty Gooners will smash United 4-0 or more. United stood no chance. There can be no excuses either. Arsenal may have had their same XI for the fourth game in a row, with the league’s best defense and one of the best attacks, aiming for their first title in 20 years, but them having only won once at Old Trafford in 16 years meant it was a 50/50 tie.

A team who have conceded one goal outside of London since Christmas, up against a team without their top goalscorer, creator and passer, both starting CB’s out, both back up CB’s out, both LB’s out, both CAM’s out, their back up forward out and with 6 teenagers from the academy on the bench. Remember, this is potential champions against the chaos indulged, and shot relinquishing Manchester United in rancid form.


Result? Man United have more shots, more possession, more passes, more accurate passing, and in the end, Man of the Match? Arsenal’s CB Saliba. The mighty Gooners are praised for their resilience against a beyond depleted United, and United are castrated as toothless despite missing the top creator and goalscorer. And how did they do it? A massive mistake from Casimiro playing out of position. Arsenal truly are Majestic, and Ten hag clearly has no coaching ability.

United were everything people said they would never be, and with better decisions at both ends from their young and older stars, they could have gotten something from the game. United are guilty for playing with chaos, and guilty for playing with control.

Then they came up against a good Newcastle side in goalscoring form, and in an entertaining end-to-end game, they prevailed – beating people’s expectations – 3-2. Having the Fernandes back in the side mysteriously made them more of a threat up front – who would have known?

jab as if the result of circumstances it came in, or that his criticisms from the previous game vs Arsenal had been answered.

Ten Hag got a roaring response from the Old Trafford crowd at the end, a hopeful sign for Sir Jim to hear when deciding whether to keep him or not, which I still believe they should. This has nothing to do with the Glazers as some like to proclaim, just that there is evidence he can coach a team down to its barebones to perform effectively(Minus the Cas mistakes). If he can make the mighty Gooners look toothless, shutting down Odegaard, Rice and co, and then defeat the rampaging Newcastle a few days later in style, then I am with him, especially when the squad is actually available

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