Arsenal will always be nearly men with this manager and these strikers…

The post-Arsenal-defeat Mailbox inevitably features Stewie and others bemoaning the Gunners’ lack of ruthlessness and title-winning mentality. Also: ta-ra, Roy; Kalvin Phillips; Spurs; and a Liverpool conspiracy theory…

Every season it’s a new ridiculous method of dropping points and showing an inability to learn. What’s the latest excuse? West Ham even lost their best player (Pacqueta) early doors – but still, they schooled Arsenal. That’s why I repeat: Arsenal FC simply don’t have the mentality to finish the job when the pressure is on. It’s that famous “Wenger DNA” that’s permeated the club since 2005. It’s the kind of DNA that makes so many Arsenal fans worship an obvious bum like Jesus, who no big club would tolerate. See Pep.

to be in. It should be alarming for Arsenal fans that Jesus was ditched by Pep, that he misses a catalogue of sitters and isn’t at the level of the main number 9s of Bournemouth, West Ham, Spurs, Wolves or Nottingham Forest. Chris Wood would have buried both the sitters Jesus missed.


I mentioned this big issue to 365 several months ago, and again pre Anfield. But apparently, people were unaware that this regular starter has zero defensive intelligence. To make matters worse, Zinchenko’s defensive ineptitude is perfectly mirrored up front, through his fellow Pep Citeh reject/team-mate, the Brazilian Rebrov. One day, it’ll click as to why Pep was happy to offload these two wastrels. When did Pep last foolishly offload important players to his “rivals”?

Sheffield United level players. But both were the main bench options. Dear Christ, even Wolves, Brighton and Bournemouth have superior attacking options off the bench! With the huge money spent, the question has to be asked as to how this has been allowed to happen? When I wrote to 365 last summer and lambasted Jesus, we heard the usual clownery from Arsenal’s deluded clique. This season, Jesus has more yellow cards than league goals! LOL.

It’s finally taken yet Another choke-job to see what’s been obvious to the world: Arteta was negligent in wasting the Arsenal budget on players who weren’t priorities (outside of Rice). Wasting time and effort on Havertz and Raya – the gains are marginal, at best. Not exactly ike swapping out Jesus for Haaland now is it! 😂🙄

I repeat: £200m spent, plenty of time, his own squad and yet: less points compared to same point last season, less wins, less big chances created, less goals. Serious questions have to be asked as to how such a promising team that had a title in its grasp, has regressed so alarmingly with such huge investment.


Each passing year we see Arsenal fans show off about “top on Xmas day” and I simply laugh: how long did that Fake accolade last then? 🤔. Because ultimately, we never hear a squeak come from them come April/May. They never learn.

Brazilian Rebrov with yet another occasion when his team desperately need firepower and…nada. West Ham lose their best creative player and still look far more dangerous than Arsenal. How is that happening? Given that Arsenal fans spent years telling the world you can’t compete with teams who spend more than you, how has Moyes left the Emirates looking like Arrigo Sacchi?
Stewie Griffin (Oh Dear! This refusal to learn isn’t going to change and Arteta will never win a PL, good as he is. Summer window a disaster – so personally, I’d swap Arteta out for Xabi Alonso if he’s interested. Mind you I once suggested swapping Wenger for Klopp in 2012 and the 365 Gooners lost their collective s**t!)

Nearly men​
Another 75% possession game another set of dropped points..I said it after the Everton game, after the Aston Villa game and again now, though I expect you could say of after every game… Arsenal are limited, predictable and slow and have no chance of winning the if this does not change ASAP…but since it didn’t change since last year or indeed for several years i’m afraid we’re doomed for “nearly” yet again…

Kick the controversy addiction
Wouldn’t we all just be better off if there was a ban of slow motion replays? Or perhaps restrict what can be broadcast somehow. Do we really need to see every tackle at 240 frames a second and from 3 angles? For the good of our collective mental health let’s at least try to kick our addiction to controversy by taking away it’s most powerful drug.
Dave, Manchester


Don’t blame officials
I don’t want to hear any complaints from Arsenal fans about how VAR cost them again, especially after the clear Odegaard handball last week. At this point, VAR and the rules in general are so unclear that it breeds inconsistency. We should all expect to receive our share of good and bad VAR fortune. Even Liverpool has had some good fortune surely?

What we should look at is Arsenal’s failure to score despite dominating the match after that 13th minute goal. Jesus is a good player, but it’s clear his value to the team is not in scoring goals. Arsenal have a ton of chance-creators, but no finishers. Compared to the other title-challengers, Liverpool can throw on 2 of Jota, Nunez, Diaz or Gakpo while Man City can throw $100 million if they need to. Arsenal only have Smith-Rowe, Trossard, Viera and Nketiah. 3 are chance-creators and Nketiah is unreliable

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