Arteta slammed for being ‘stubborn’ over ‘flapper’ as Spurs fans mocked for ’embarrassing’ themselves

Mikel Arteta is playing ‘a flapper who can’t handle pressure’ at Arsenal; bring back Aaron Ramsdale or Emi Martinez. And Spurs fans are ’embarrassing’.


Hey, Jude
Jamal Musiala is a better player than Jude Bellingham, and Bellingham is hugely overrated. There, I’ve said it.


He has been less than assured in goal all season long. He most certainly isn’t top-class goalkeeper. Have you not noticed that he presents a picture of someone prone to errors and panics most times?

Raya’s absolutely not a grade A keeper. He guarantees you an error or two each match, most of which have costed us dearly. He has made up to 12 mistakes already.

He’s in the same bracket as Ramsdale. That unforced error at Spurs could have warranted in our being out of the league title. I’m still upset by it. Would he commit another blunder? Perhaps he could! I wish Arteta hadn’t sold our world class keeper to Aston Villa and for 20M.

I largely agree with Rob A that Raya is fine for Arsenal and they don’t need to change keepers though when I saw his stats for average xG conceded per shot they looked very wrong. I’m not sure how Rob calculated this but the average xG of a shot conceded by Arsenal is actually 0.09 (not 0.3) and this is the lowest in the Top 6 and possibly the league (couldn’t be arsed calculating all 20 teams). This means on average the shots conceded are actually worse chances than those conceded by their direct rivals however, with Villa the highest in the Top 6 at 0.13 there is very little in it statistically speaking.

The goalkeeping stats used in the article you referenced is Post Shot xG. This stat basically tells us the likelihood of a shot on target resulting in a goal based on the quality of the original chance (xG), where it intersects the goalmouth, and the positioning of the keeper at the point the shot is taken. Again amongst the Top 6 Arsenal are on the low side with a Post shot xG average of 0.27, compared to Villa’s which is 0.37. So the shots Raya is tasked with saving are typically easier to deal with than Martinez, which is kind of the opposite of what you said.

The important calculation for goalkeeping performance, for us laymans at least, is the Post Shot xG delta. This is the difference between the number of goals a keeper is expected to concede (Post shot xG) and the number of goals they actually concede. This is the figure shown in the article which ranks Raya in 21st place. According to the data he should have only conceded 19.4 goals so far this season based on the difficulty of the shots he’s faced (league only) but has in fact let in 22 goals, hence the delta of -2.6 (it’s actually 23 goals but there is one own goal which doesn’t count as a shot against).

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