Chris Sutton says Arsenal have a 22-year-old player who’s going to explode soon

Arsenal haven’t been at their brilliant best this season.

The Gunners played some truly incredible football last term and they were a joy to watch most of the time.
However, this term, their attacking play has been much less fluid, and their star players haven’t been playing with as much confidence or freedom it feels.

Bukayo Saka, quite simply, hasn’t been as good as he was last season, and, if you’re one to buy into any of this, his xG numbers show that he is underperforming in terms of finishing.

Speaking on Fantasy 606, Chris Sutton has been analysing Saka’s numbers, and he says that the winger is going to improve in the second half of the season, claiming that he’s simply too good to continue underperforming.
Saka will improve

Sutton shared his verdict on the winger.

“If you look at Saka’s numbers, he’s underperforming his numbers. If you take away his penalty goals, and you look at the goals minus the xG, he’s underperforming from open play,” The host said.

“So he is due in the second half of the season to improve that, he’s too good of a player, so you’re saying to stick with Saka?” Sutton said.
Too good

As Sutton says, Saka is way too good to continue on a run like this.

The winger is a supreme talent who can usually be relied upon to do the business in the final third, but it’s not quite happened for him this season.

However, these things usually even themselves out over the course of a season when you’re a world-class player, and we wouldn’t be shocked at all if Saka were to go on an incredible run in the new year and re-establish himself as genuinely one of the most dangerous players in the Premier League.

An uptick in form could be just around the corner for Saka.

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