David Raya has said something which should alarm Aaron Ramsdale after Arsenal beat Porto

David Raya said something which should alarm Aaron Ramsdale after Arsenal defeated Porto in the UEFA Champions League.

The Spain international was the hero as Arsenal recorded a 4-2 win over Porto on penalties with two penalty saves, having drawn 1-1 against the Portuguese side on aggregate after 120 minutes.

So, what did David Raya say which should alarm Aaron Ramsdale at Arsenal? Let’s take a look…

David Raya comments should alarm Aaron Ramsdale
Well, the Spaniard spoke about just how much he actually focuses during Arsenal games, and the mental toll it takes on him.

Raya told CBS Sports: “You see sometimes players can switch off for a few minutes, but keepers you never know when you are going to be involved, so you have to switch on and be focused on the ball. In your head sometimes it turns, but you have to follow the ball, try to command and be loud. One of my tricks is that I don’t shut up.

“You have to command the defence, and the defence have to command the midfield and like that. I just don’t shut up. Even sometimes when we are taking a corner you have to be ready for the second ball and tell the guys they have to be ready for the second ball. It drains your head

Now, this strongly contradicts how Ramsdale conducts himself during matches, and Raya’s comments should act as something of a wake up call for the England international

What Arsenal No.1 has said previously
The Arsenal No.1 memorably told Ian Wright that he simply cannot stay focused throughout 90 minutes, which is why he often gets involved in banter with opposition fans behind the goal.

Speaking on Behind The Game, Ramsdale said: “If you ask me to focus on a game of football for 90 minutes I’m finished. I can’t do it. So, that’s why I get involved with the fans and I sing along with the songs. Someone’s giving me abuse, I’ll turn around and give them a bit back

“I have had my two, three minutes of sort of madness in my head, straight back to the football. I’ve got ten, 15 minutes of pure concentration again. Next thing you know, half-time is around.”

Now, that is considerably different to how Raya conducts himself during games, and with Mikel Arteta strongly preferring to use his fellow countryman at the Emirates Stadium, Ramsdale should now be having second thoughts about his inability to concentrate

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