Declan Rice has done what Graeme Souness asked as Arsenal star proves Edu £105m decision right

Declan Rice has given the perfect response to Graeme Souness after reaching a new milestone with Arsenal. His goal against Sheffield United on Monday was his fifth this season, making it his most successful one yet.

Even though there’s still over two months left in the season, Arsenal’s star signing has already reached double digits for goal contributions in the Premier League. Since leaving West Ham for a record £105million move to join the Gunners, Rice has been nothing short of sensational.

It was thought that Rice would step up his game after joining Arsenal, but not everyone was sure he could. Liverpool legend and pundit Graeme Souness has long claimed he feels Rice needs to contribute more in an attacking sense

Souness first mentioned this when rumours of Rice’s transfer started, and he repeated it after the move to Arsenal was confirmed. “The only criticism I had of Declan [Rice], was that he did not get enough goals, and I am still standing by that,” Souness told talkSPORT back in July

Just because you’re a defensive midfield player does not mean you can’t chip in with goals. He has to chip in with more. Arsenal finished second last year, and he will undoubtedly improve them. Can they make that jump from second to first because of Declan? Possibly, but he needs to chip in with more goals.

“For the defensive midfielder he is, he has a defensive head, he sees the danger, deals with it, he is extremely athletic, and goes up and down the park. I just want him to be coming on to balls in and around the box, he is attacking, let him go. There is no reason he can’t get double figures every year playing for that Arsenal team.

Rice has quickly shown what he’s made of, scoring five goals and making five assists in the league this season. That is the most amount of goal contributions the England international has managed in one season.

After a big win for Arsenal against Sheffield United, Rice took to Instagram and posted a picture of himself celebrating a goal with the words: “Double figures.” It’s unclear if Rice was having a little joke at Souness’s expense with his post, but one thing is sure – his goals and assists speak for themselves

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