Destroys him’… Chris Sutton says Mikel Arteta is actively making 24-year-old Arsenal player worse

Kai Havertz is receiving plenty of flak after his performance against Liverpool at the weekend.

The German was, quite simply, poor against the Reds on Sunday.

He was wasteful in front of goal and hesitant on the ball, and many are blaming Havertz for Arsenal’s early FA Cup elimination.

However, speaking on the It’s All Kicking Off Podcast, Chris Sutton has pointed the finger elsewhere.

Indeed, Sutton says that Mikel Arteta is largely to blame for Havertz’s poor performance at the weekend, claiming that playing his as a number nine really affects him mentally and destroys his confidence.

Arteta isn’t helping Havertz

Sutton shared his verdict on this situation.

“I don’t think he is doing any good for the Arsenal team and I don’t think it’s doing any good for Havertz, Psychologically when he plays as a striker he looks shackled, he looks like the weight of the shirt is too much for him and he dithers and delays. He doesn’t think clearly,” Sutton said.

“I think it affects him when he knows he’s a number nine, going to the game, getting changed, playing in that position I think it effects him. Kai Havertz is a good footballer, but Mikel Arteta playing him as a number nine kills him it destroys him psychologically, he has to play him as an eight and when he does play as an eight he seems to enjoy it more.”


Kai Havertz must be a very difficult player to manage.

He’s had his confidence destroyed over the past few years at Chelsea, and now, he’s finding it hard to truly believe in himself.

If Havertz was in good form, playing him up front would be seen as a huge sign of faith from Arteta and a great sign of how much the manager trusts him, but because he’s struggling, it’s viewed as a destructive decision that is only making his crisis in confidence worse.

Arteta is in a bit of a no-win situation here when it comes to using Havertz in different positions, but he certainly needs to figure out how to get the best out of Havertz in the near future.

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