Fabrizio Romano has update on ‘big, big deal’ which Arsenal are looking into in January

Arsenal are continuing to be linked with Brentford’s Ivan Toney and Sky Sports have shared a big update on the situation.

Toney is due back this month after a long ban and is already in-demand.
Reports have claimed Toney himself is hoping Arsenal sign him in January. It’s also been suggested Arsenal and Chelsea could wait until Toney is a free agent in 2025 as well before actually making a move.

And backing that thought process up a touch, Sky Sports journalist Mark McAdam has said that any deal in January is going to be really hard for any club to do.
Sky Sports journalist gives update on Ivan Toney to Arsenal or Chelsea in January

Speaking on the Transfer Show on Sky last night, McAdam provided an interesting update on Toney.

And in that update, he said that clubs have got a number of obstacles to overcome if they do want to land the England striker.

“In this window I don’t think there’s many clubs that could actually afford him. We know Arsenal are looking for a striker, we know Chelsea are. Perhaps one or two others and Ivan Toney clearly that man but nobody can really afford him. And as Tim alluded to, a number of clubs are right up against it when it comes to FFP. And also, this is a big, big deal. Big deals take a long time to come to fruition and also, they’re very very expensive. With wages, signing on fees, agency fees, there’s a big package that needs to be done in a short period of time. I think the interesting thing will be how he plays for Brentford in the first few games. If he comes back, scores a hat-trick, plays brilliantly, that might change the dynamic. If he takes a little bit of time to warm back up, then teams might relax,” McAdam said.
A big gamble

It’s a huge decision really for any of the big clubs when it comes to Ivan Toney.

Sure, we know he is a top striker who can score goals at this level. But eight months out of the game is some time without playing and as McAdam says, a lot might depend on how he comes back.

With Brentford wanting circa £100m for their man, it’s a big gamble for clubs. Arsenal do need a striker but is Toney really worth the £100m that will guarantee them getting over the line? Some fans will have their doubts over that.

With Chelsea, they are simply nowhere near winning anything but are slowly coming together under Mauricio Pochettino. Toney, though, is older than a lot of the players they’ve signed recently so whether he fits the bill remains to be seen.

Ultimately, Brentford hold the aces here. Thomas Frank is confident of keeping his man but if he does go and it’s for £100m, then it’s a win-win anyway for the Bees.

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