Fan claims the Premier League has created a new entirely new position never seen before

A fan claims the Premier League has created a new position in football, marking the latest evolution in the game.
Football is constantly changing and if you were to watch a Premier League game from a decade ago and a present fixture, you’d notice a slew of major differences.
But the most recent alteration according to Rafaz, the @honestfootballcoach on TikTok, is being displayed by the league’s three top clubs.
A big change of late has been defenders moving into midfield positions when in possession and as a consequence, Rafaz believes that the ‘8.5’ position has been born.
Reading an article opened up Rafaz’s mind to a thought he had previously relating to Kai Havertz, Cody Gakpo and Julian Alvarez.
He went on to explain that the aforementioned trio are operating in a unique role where they essentially a hybrid of other positions.
Neither are midfielders or out and out strikers, which means they are somewhere in between.
He stated: “That gives birth to the number 8.5. Not the number eight, not the number nine, not the number ten.
“If you look at the player profiles of those three, where do they play?
“The modern game is moving in a way where one of the back four enter midfield – whether that’s the centre-back, whether that’s the left-back or the right-back.
“The fact that the extra body in midfield is being added from the back, that allows one of these three to be a slightly different profile to the traditional characteristics associated with that position.
You might have a player playing in that No.8 position but now that could be the 8.5.”
Rafaz thinks it’s no coincidence that the top three teams have deployed players as No.8.5’s and is intrigued to see where the next tactical tweak will come from.
In the comments people have challenged the idea that is new, something he refutes as he does not think it has been seen before.
He did agree, however, that “false eight” might end up being the term that is used instead.

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