Gary Neville singles out Arsenal ‘liability’ in horror performance vs Crystal palace

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has taken a swipe at Arsenal in a rant about protests being made by clubs to the PGMOL.

Arsenal have certainly had their run-ins with the PGMOL so far this season.
Mikel Arteta did not hold back as he hit out against the standard of officiating in the Premier League in the wake of the Gunners’ 1-0 defeat at the hands of Newcastle United.

More recently, the north London club raised their concerns with the PGMOL over the lack of protection that they feel Bukayo Saka receives from referees. Arteta and the club attracted some criticism for this course of action.

However, it hard to argue that there isn’t a problem with the standard of refereeing in this country. Questionable decisions, and the inconsistent or incompetent application of VAR, has cost every team at some stage.

Liverpool have also complained to the PGMOL this season, after they felt that a couple of decisions unfairly went against them during their draw with Aston Villa.

Nottingham Forest have now become the latest top flight side to make a formal complaint to PGMOL. As reported by BBC Sport, the Midlands outfit have written to refereeing chief Howard Webb in an effort to elicit an explanation as to why Ivan Toney’s goal against them at the weekend was allowed to stand.

The Brentford striker moved the ball from where it had been placed by the referee, before dispatching his free kick into the back of the net.
Arsenal come under fire from Gary Neville for sparking spate of PGMOL complaints

Gary Neville has now given his verdict on this trend of Premier League clubs taking their complaints directly to PGMOL. The former full-back took to X to state, “Clubs writing to the PGMOL is embarrassing! Liverpool and Arsenal started it and set the precedent of this nonsense.”

Arsenal, and other Premier League clubs who has taken issue with the standard of refereeing, will argue that they have every right to seek clarification if they feel that they have been unfairly treated. Especially when there is so much at stake. Nottingham Forest are in a relegation battle, whilst Arsenal and Liverpool are vying for the title.

Of course, when it comes to poor results, clubs and managers must look at themselves first before pinning any blame on officials, but that doesn’t change the fact that even with the availability of VAR, an unacceptably high number of high profile mistakes have been made this season.

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