Gary Neville slams Liverpool and Arsenal after hearing news from Nottingham Forest

Gary Neville has reacted with fury to news that Nottingham Forest have complained to the PGMOL and appeared to blame Liverpool and Arsenal.

Forest have written to the refereeing body to get some clarity and lodge their dismay at Ivan Toney’s goal being allowed to stand yesterday. The Brentford striker moved the ball and the white spray line, before firing into the bottom corner against Forest.
However, it wasn’t reviewed and after an outcry on social media and comments from Nuno Santo, Forest have now written to the PGMOL to complain.

But Neville, taking to X to share his thoughts on the matter, is having none of it, with the former Man United man even blaming Liverpool and Arsenal for the farce.
Both Liverpool and Arsenal have done similar earlier in the season to no real avail, albeit Howard Webb has been on TV to admit a number of big mistakes through the season.

Game descending into chaos

The idea of VAR coming in was to make the game easier for officials and ensure more consistency in the decision making process.

However, it’s simply made things worse and now this with clubs complaining all the time is just bringing the game into being a big farce.

Nottingham Forest might feel aggrieved but what is the issue really? The referee missed something and it wasn’t then checked, and instead of just getting on with things, it’s now a huge deal again.

Neville is right in his words here and posted a further update on his thoughts on the matter just after, where he suggested all things like this do is add to the pressure on referees.

As it stands, the game in England is in danger of being run into the ground and the enjoyment being taken out of certain elements for fans.

As for referees, yes they make mistakes. But they are under so much scrutiny now that it’s almost impossible for them to do their job.

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