Horrendous’… Chris Sutton says 24-year-old Arsenal player really let himself down on Saturday

Kai Havertz made all sorts of headlines after his performance against Brentford at the weekend.

The German scored the late winner against the Bees to put Arsenal top of the league with 10 games to go, but, before his goal, he caused a fair bit of controversy.

Indeed, Havertz dived in the penalty area in order to try to win a spot kick for Arsenal, and while his simulation went unpunished, many feel he should’ve been sent off for this incident.

Speaking on BBC 606, Chris Sutton has named Havertz as the winner of his ‘Simulation Game’ for this week, claiming that the German let himself down with his horrendous dive.

Kai Havertz let himself down
Sutton spoke about the attacker.

“There’s a clear winner this week of the Simulation Game. Kai Havertz, you’ve had an excellent season, scored the winner, but you shouldn’t have been on the pitch, should’ve been sent off. Horrendous from Kai, you’re better than that,” Sutton said.

Kai Havertz was just starting to win people round with his good performances, but this dive will have lost him a few fines.

Let’s not beat around the bush, what Havertz tried to do this weekend was cheating. He was trying to buy a penalty from Brentford, and as has been said on numerous occasions, he probably should’ve been sent off.

However, instead, he stayed on the pitch and scored the winning goal, and while Arsenal fans may have been overjoyed by this impact, it left a sour taste in the mouths of many as Havertz probably shouldn’t have even been on the pitch to net that late winner.

As Sutton says, Havertz really let himself down with this dive against Brentford.

Arsenal want to win the Premier League title by all costs, but surely they’d rather do it the

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