I said the same thing with Sancho’… Pundit says £25m Arsenal player isn’t being treated properly

Aaron Ramsdale has been relegated from the Premier League twice but this may well be the worst season of his career.

The Arsenal goalkeeper was utterly fantastic last season as the Gunners came close to winning a Premier League title, and he was even rewarded with a new contract in the summer.

However, a late move for David Raya has left Ramsdale collecting splinters on the Arsenal bench for most of this season, and he’d have every right to be unhappy with his current role at the Emirates.

Speaking on Filthy Fellas, Anton Ferdinand has been discussing Arsenal’s season so far, and he openly said that he disagreed with how Ramsdale has been treated, claiming that he’s not been treated properly, comparing this situation with Jadon Sancho’s at Manchester United.

Ramsdale not treated correctly
The pundit shared his verdict on the £25m man.

“Do you know what people underestimate the power of a dressing room when someone is getting treated wrong,’ Ferdinand said.

“He’s talking about the goalkeeper (Ramsdale),” The host said.

“The keeper, 100%, I said the same thing with Sancho, 100% (it’s having an effect), you look at United as the elite United, they’re no longer elite, they have players who don’t have an elite mindset, they all down tools if their teammates aren’t being treated properly,” Ferdinand said.

While we don’t want to point fingers, it has to be said that Mikel Arteta could’ve handled this situation with his goalkeepers in a more amicable way.

Arteta made out that both goalkeepers would rotate when Raya arrived, but, if we’re being honest, that has proven to be a point-blank lie, and Ramsdale has basically been benched this entire time.

Ramsdale was one of the most popular players in this Arsenal squad, and we wouldn’t be too shocked if this situation has slightly affected morale in the changing room in recent months.

We hate to bang on about it so much, but this Ramsdale situation has been very strange throughout this entire season.


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