Ian Wright can’t stop laughing at what £40m Tottenham player has said after Arsenal winner last night

Declan Rice saved Arsenal’s skin on Tuesday evening.

The England international bagged the most dramatic of winners for the Reds against Luton in the dying minutes of Tuesday’s game, and, as you can imagine, Arsenal fans across the country were sent into raptures.
As ever, Ian Wright was wearing his heart on his sleeve despite broadcasting during this game, and in a video shared by Optus Sport, Wright was in raptures after Rice’s goal after seeing some comments from James Maddison.

Indeed, Wright was looking at some comments from Maddison this week about how he hates the fact Rice plays for Arsenal, and just as he was reading the £40m man’s comments, the man himself popped up with a goal.
Wright in raptures after Maddison’s comments

Wright’s reaction to Rice’s goal was golden.

“Look. Look at what I was just looking at, James Maddison: ‘I hate that he plays for Arsenal.’ Hahaha, and then Declan Rice scores,” Wright said.

Bound to happen

As much as we don’t believe in superstitions and jynxes in football, this moment did sort of feel inevitable after Maddison’s comments this week.

It does seem that whenever a rival player talks about an opponent, they turn up and make something happen and with Rice and Maddison being such huge figures for their respective north London clubs, this was always bound to happen.

Maddison hated the fact that Rice was at Arsenal before Wednesday, and he will be even more gutted now as the Gunners have moved even further clear in the title race and are now a long way ahead of Tottenham in the Premier League.

Rice is starting to turn up in the big moments for Arsenal now, and that’s what you want from a player you’ve spent £105m on.

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