I’m done’… Micah Richards walks out of studio after what he’s been asked about Arsenal now

Arsenal and Manchester City feel like they’re on a collision course in the Champions League this season.

Indeed, two of the best teams in England are two of the top contenders for Europe’s top prize, and it feels like a head-to-head clash is inevitable at some point.

This will be a game for the ages if the draw does work out in this way, and one man who may have some mixed emotions about this game is Micah Richards.

The pundit, famously, grew up as an Arsenal fan, but as a former Manchester City player and ambassador, he also has allegiances to Pep Guardiola’s side.

Speaking on CBS Sports, Richards was asked if he’d support City or Arsenal if they faced off in this competition, and the pundit refused to answer

Not only did Richards refuse to answer, he actually walked out of the studio after being asked this question

Micah Richards can’t pick between Arsenal and Man City
Richards and Jamie Carragher discussed this potential match-up.

Where do your loyalties lie on the night? Arsenal vs Man City who are you rooting for?” Carragher asked

“Football is the winner. You can’t do that, I’m done, I’m gone, give me my notes,” Richards said.

Football wins
Regardless of who you support, it has to be said that a meeting between City and Arsenal would be brilliant for this year’s competition.

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen a crunch all-English clash in the Champions League, and this would give each team’s respective run that added spice, as well as adding an extra dynamic to the title race in terms of bragging rights.

Whether or not the Champions League draw works out this way remains to be seen, but neutral fans across Europe may well be praying that these two sides end up playing each other in this competition.

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