Jack Wilshere says he wishes he could’ve played with £30m player at Arsenal more

Jack Wilshere must have a number of regrets from his playing career.

The former Arsenal star was once tipped to be the next big thing in football, but, sadly, injuries have taken their toll and his career was cut short.
Wilshere had a bit of a sad career in a lot of ways, and he must regret how things went at certain points.

Interestingly, speaking to Sky Sports, Wilshere has revealed one of his biggest career regrets, and he claims that one of his biggest regrets is that he didn’t play with Cesc Fabregas more often at Arsenal.
Jack Wilshere’s Cesc Fabregas regret

Wilshere spoke about Fabregas, claiming that he wishes he could’ve played with him more.

“It’s probably one of my biggest regrets in my career. I got to share a dressing room with him for three years, he was the captain, but I didn’t really play in the first few years,” Wilshere said.

“Some of the things he did, he wasn’t quick, he wasn’t strong, but his understanding of space, I wish I played with him for longer.”
Arsenal must regret it

Wilshere says that he regrets not being able to play with Fabregas more, and he won’t be the only person who regrets that this pairing wasn’t utilised more.

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fanbase must also wish that we could’ve seen Wilshere and Fabregas on the pitch together more often.

Yes, this midfield pairing would’ve been very lightweight, but in terms of technical ability, there wouldn’t be many in the Premier League who could hold a candle to these two.

Who knows? Perhaps if Arsenal could’ve built around Wilshere and Fabregas as their midfield duo with someone like Alex Song playing a deeper role, perhaps they could’ve challenge for more titles during the early 2010s.

Fabregas would ultimately leave Arsenal for £30m, and the potential partnership with Wilshere was over before it ever really got going.

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