Jamie Carragher ranks the top five PL managers including Pep Guardiola, Mikel arteta, Jurgen Klopp and Sir Alex Ferguson

Jamie Carragher has revealed his rankings of the Premier League managers throughout the years with a rather surprising pick at the top of the list.
One of the main reasons the Premier League has earned its worldwide reputation as the greatest league in the world is down to the amount of elite-level managers who have conquered the division.
English football has had the pleasure of witnessing the prime years of the likes of Jose Mourinho, Sir Alex Ferguson, and Arsene Wenger in recent times.
With many of the best coaches all dominating with very different styles in equally different eras, it is hard to fairly rank the Premier League’s great tacticians.
However, Jamie Carragher gave his view on the ‘top five managers in Premier League history when speaking on the Stick to Football podcast, brought to you by Sky Bet.
“I would put him [Jürgen Klopp] above [Arsené] Wenger, with the only reason being the Champions League,” Carragher explained.
Arsenal didn’t quite crack that did they, but Klopp got to three finals, won it once, and I just think coming up against City and the points totals as well.”
Despite everything he has accomplished for his beloved Liverpool, Klopp surprisingly didn’t include the former Liverpool boss within his top three.
“I’d put Pep Guardiola top of Premier League [history]. Sir Alex Ferguson, what he did at Aberdeen, maybe puts him above Pep, but in terms of the Premier League, Guardiola has won six in seven, and he’s only been here for eight years,” he said.
Ferguson would have only won his first once after being there for seven years. I’d go, Pep [Guardiola], [Sir Alex] Ferguson, José [Mourinho] because he came back and won the league with Chelsea, then [Jürgen] Klopp next.
There are plenty of other world-class managers throughout the Premier League who Carragher snubbed, for example, Carlo Ancelotti, Kenny Dalglish, and Claudio Ranieri. Emphasising the incredible depth of managerial talent the division has seen in the last three decades.

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