Micah Richards says player Arsene Wenger sold at Arsenal is one of the best Premier League midfielders ever

Micah Richards has heaped praise on former Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas and claimed that he is among the best midfielders the Premier League has ever seen.

The Spaniard announced his retirement last year after an incredible career as a player. He is now the assistant manager of Italian side Como and has been spotted back at Arsenal on a few occasions as well.
Micah Richards says Cesc Fabregas doesn’t get enough credit

Cesc Fabregas left Barcelona and joined Arsenal as a teenager back in 2003.

Arsene Wenger spotted his talent very early and gave him plenty of opportunities. He shared the dressing room with the likes of Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp and performed brilliantly.
Fabregas went on to captain Arsenal and was arguably the best midfielder in the Premier League for years before he decided to leave the Gunners. Barcelona came calling, and Wenger reluctantly agreed to sell him in 2011.

On his return to the Premier League, Fabregas won two titles, an FA Cup and the Europa League with Chelsea. He was magnificent during his time there as well.

Speaking on the Rest is Football podcast, Micah Richards raved about the Spaniard. He claimed that Fabregas is among the 10 best midfielders the Premier League has ever seen – even though people don’t always talk about him while having that conversation.
Richards said: “I think when we talk about midfielders, we’ve got to put him right up there. He sort of gets skipped by from time to time.

“Fabregas was the original in terms of getting on the ball, going into a deep position, never give the ball away, then he played a little bit more advanced.

“Sometimes, during his time at Barcelona, he was playing a little bit more advanced which probably couldn’t get the best out of him. But, when you’ve got Xavi and Iniesta, it’s always going to be tough, isn’t it?

“But, in the Premier League, he certainly goes down in the top 10.”
Cesc Fabregas was incredible for Arsenal and Chelsea

Micah Richards is right, Cesc Fabregas’ name never really comes up when the best midfielders in the Premier League are discussed.

There have been midfielders who were better than the Spaniard, but what Fabregas did at Arsenal and later as a Chelsea player is just incredible.

The midfielder had everything in his game. He was tremendous on the ball, had incredible vision and had the ability to score goals and provide assists on a consistent basis.

Fabregas was just brilliant, and he’s definitely up there with the best midfielders this country has ever seen.

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