Mikel Arteta exit claims a result of Arsenal success as Gunners obsession on the increase

Everyone has something to say about Arsenal and Mikel Arteta has managed to harness these obsessions and direct them into momentum for his side’s title challenge.

Everyone is obsessed with Arsenal. Perhaps it is the culture of creating the most eye-catching, ear-grabbing and cringe-worthy content to grasp the attention of supporters and I can certainly testify that the Gunners have one of the most reactive supporter bases in the world.

As one myself, many a time have I been sucked into debates or latched onto the fishing rod of bait set as a trap for my staunch Arsenal ways. However, since Mikel Arteta has taken the club to a level whereby a title challenge is not a one-off and this season has perhaps seen an even greater appreciation for what his side is capable of, it has reached new heights.

From finger-pointing at Arteta himself for his touchline behaviour, persistent monotonous and mind-numbingly repetitive accusations of over-celebrating to most recently claims that the Spaniard would up sticks and join Manchester United if he was offered it – Rio Ferdinand being the claimant of that droplet of comedy. It was only recently that Arteta was forced to defend his position against inaccurate claims that he was considering leaving the club for Barcelona

“I could not believe it,” he said. “I don’t know where it’s coming from, it’s got no sources, it’s got nothing and I think we have to be very cautious when we talk about personal things, to put it in the way that it was put yesterday.”

He added later in the press conference: “There is a lot to do here as well, we all share that ambition, and you can feel it as well that we want more. We’re not satisfied, and the club wants to take another push and another level in everything that we’re doing. This is where we are, everybody on board to achieve it and I’m certainly on board.”

Ferdinand’s claims were laughed off almost as quickly as they emerged and were spread across the footballing social feeds. The gap between Arsenal and Manchester United has grown as fast as Antony’s market value has dropped.

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