Newcastle’s Callum Wilson has theory behind why Arsenal’s form has dipped recently

Arsenal haven’t looked themselves recently.

The Gunners have been struggling to find form as of late, and they’ve now lost three consecutive games in all competitions.

Something isn’t right in north London right now, and speaking on the Footballer’s Football Podcast, Callum Wilson has shared his theory on why he thinks Arsenal’s form has dipped.
The Newcastle striker says that he thinks Arsenal are suffering from fatigue due to the amount of games they’ve had to play, claiming that the intensity and quality has dipped as the fixture list has built up.
Arsenal are fatigued

Wilson shared his verdict on why Arsenal are faltering.
I just think personally they’re suffering from a bit of fatigue, the amount of games have built up, the quality of the matches has dropped, the intensity has dropped a bit and that’s just due to the amount of games I think. I have no doubt that all of these teams that are up there will start slapping teams up again. I think that’s what’s happening, we’re seeing a bit of a decline in quality,” Wilson said.

Not easy

The explanation for Arsenal’s recent dip may well be that simple.

The Gunners have played so many games this season, and the fact that they’re in the Champions League rather than the Europa League means that they can’t really rotate as much as they did last time around.

Arsenal have now played nine games since the start of December, that’s a huge number of matches in just five weeks, and fatigue could well be setting in.

Luckily, Arsenal now have a little break and the team have gone over to Dubai to recharge their batteries, and we can only hope that Mikel Arteta’s side can return to their best form once they’re back from their tip to the middle east to soak up some sun and get some much-needed rest.

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