N’Golo Kante Is Going Bankrupt Because His 24k Gold-plated Lamborghini Is Worth More Than $5 Million , Lionel Messi couldn’t afford it. ⬇️ Read More ⬇️

While World Cup winner Kante, 32, prefers the simple life, despite pocketing £290,000-per-week.

Before the pair face off against one another when Chelsea take on Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-final second leg, SunSport compares their very different lifestyles.

From the humble Kante to the free-spending Benzema, here’s what they like to splash their cash on.

When it comes to cars, serial Champions League winner Benzema boasts an epic fleet of supercars worth around £6million.

Most recently he has been seen driving a £160,000 Lamborghini Urus, but his prized possession is a £2.5million Bugatti Chiron he bought in 2021.

The forward also has a very rare Bugatti Veyron, which cost £1.5million – but now being a collector’s item is worth much more than that.

Then there’s a £200,000 Ferrari 458 Spyder and a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren that is appreciating in value and could be worth up to £400,000 in today’s market – all sitting comfortably in Benzema’s garage.

Least we forget a Lamborghini Gallardo £220,000 and a £250,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith.

Kante does things a little bit different. It is believed his second-hand Mini Cooper, which costs around £20k brand new, is still his ride.

He reportedly bought it when he signed for Leicester City, and has refused to part with it.

Former team-mate Antonio Rudiger told The Players’ Tribune: “Everything with NG [Kante] is authentic. Even the Mini Cooper — people laugh about it, but there is a real story behind it.

“It was a dream for NG to make it to the Premier League, coming from where he came from, and the Mini was the first car that he bought when he got to England.

“So for him, it is not just a car. It has a deep meaning.”
When it comes to fashion, you can forget about Kante spending money on designer clothes.

Often spotted in leisure wear and trainers, the midfield general turned up to the 2018 wedding party of Cesc Fabregas and Daniella Semaan in Ibiza wearing a white spotted shirt with navy shorts.

Benzema is a totally different animal.

On his crowning glory at last year’s Ballon d’Or ceremony, he wore a fitted black tuxedo over a banded collar shirt in a nod to a famous outfit worn by Tupac Shakur at the 1996 American Music Awards.

Matched with expensive Jean Paul Gaultier frames and a Cartier bracelet and Richard Mille watch, he was a sight of elegance.

In 2019, he modelled a Fendi collection, while he’s often front row at Paris Fashion Week.

His go-to designer is Balenciaga, who is often spotted wearing.
Kante’s food shop tells you everything you need to know.

He was once spotted by a fan at budget supermarket Asda.

Speaking on Twitter, fellow shopper Sarfaz Ahmed said: “Went out for some casual grocery shopping at Asda and look who I bumped in to.

“@nglkante what a player and what a human being! Very kindly took a picture with me and was so polite.

“Listened patiently to what I had to say, so humble for a player of such class!”

Mobile phones

According to Blues team-mate Kai Havertz, Kante has had the same phone for 10 years.

He said: “There’s an image of footballers, all fancy and diamonds and this and that.
“I have met players who spend so much on things where you think: ‘Why do you do this? There are players who don’t care but others do. It’s not always about saying: ‘I did this.’ That’s sometimes a bit fake.”

“N’Golo Kante is another. He’s had the same phone for 10 years, doesn’t care about cars, doesn’t care about clothes.”

On the other hand, Benzema commissioned iPhone Gold to make him a customised 24k gold iPhone costing somewhere in the region of £3,000.


When the season ends, Benzema takes himself on a well-deserved holiday.

He will travel in luxury, seen taking a private jet to glam destinations including Ibiza and Los Angeles.

Often, he will share his travels to his 69 million followers on Instagram – who are wowed by the lifestyle he leads, which includes renting luxury yachts or going on safari.

However, homebody Kante doesn’t care for a break away much.
Amusingly, when filming for Chelsea’s kit sponsors Trivago, Kante revealed in the video that his perfect summer holiday would be if he didn’t go anywhere at all!

He said: “Sometimes I just stay at home only and I’m happy.”

How Trivago might have wished they had the chance to ask Benzema that question.