Paul Merson has made his feelings on Arsenal star Oleksandr Zinchenko pretty clear as they aim to return to the top of the Premier League table.

At the start of the campaign, the Highbury legend was unsure if Mikel Arteta was capable of guiding the team to the title.

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But after watching Arsenal’s 1-1 draw at Liverpool last time out, he has changed his mind and he thinks they will now get over that trophy-winning line, as he told Soccer Special on Sky Sports (26/12/23 at 12:50 pm).

The one ‘problem’ and ‘worry’ for Paul Merson is Oleksandr Zinchenko and how he could cost the team the title because of his inept defending.

Against the so-called lesser sides, when the Gunners are dominating the ball and there is little threat going the other way, then Oleksandr Zinchenko can strut his stuff in the middle of the park.

But the issue for Paul Merson is what happens against the bigger and better sides. Note Aston Villa and Liverpool away.

Both Leon Bailey and Mohamed Salah cooked the 27-year-old on the flanks, with Arsenal conceding costly goals as a result of it.

And now that’s the one big worry for Paul Merson when he starts backing his former side for the title this season.

Oleksandr Zinchenko is Arsenal’s weakness
“I think they go on and win it now,” said Merson “My mate Perry (Groves) at the start of the season was saying, ‘Arsenal will win the league’. I was thinking ‘nah’.

But this could be their problem, the left-back,” added Merson as he watched Zinchenko’s defending against Salah at Anfield.

On what has convinced him Arsenal will win the title: “I think they would have rolled over two years ago and got beat four or five at Liverpool. They didn’t and hung in there. I think they maybe could have nicked it if they picked the right pass.

“But that’s poor defending (from Zinchenko). That’s my worry. They need Zinchenko for the games against the bottom-half teams. Where they go and play and dominate the game. When they go and play against the big boys, then I think (Zinchenko shouldn’t play). But I make Arsenal the team now (to win the titles).”

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