Really big news’… Journalist says Arsenal’s ‘fantastic’ player is almost back from injury

Jurrien Timber has had a nightmare few months at Arsenal.

The Dutchman was on cloud nine after earning his move to the Premier League in the summer, but, unfortunately, his dream soon turned into a nightmare.

Indeed, the defender suffered an ACL injury on his Premier League debut, and he’s not been seen since.

Usually, an ACL injury can be a season-ender, or even a career-ender, but it sounds as though Timber is close to getting back to action.

Speaking on ShotsTV, Chris Wheatley has shared an update on Timber’s situation, and he says that the defender is now doing light ball work in Dubai, claiming that he’s edging ever closer to a return from injury for Arsenal

Timber getting closer
Wheatley shared what he knows about the ‘fantastic’ defender.

“Yeah some really big news for Jurrien Timber, I think Arsenal fans have been waiting to see him play, he’s only played one game against Nottingham Forest and he’s been out since, Now the signs are positive he’s doing light ball work in Dubai on Arsenal’s winter training camp. Jurrien Timber, good news for him, great to see him almost back, there’s still a long road, but this is a big step that he’s now doing light ball work and Arteta will hope to have him back sooner rather than later,” Wheatley said.

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