Ridiculous’… Gary Lineker and Ian Wright left fuming by ‘really bizarre’ Arsenal moment vs Aston Villa

After a difficult defeat against Aston Villa yesterday evening, both Gary Lineker and Ian Wright had some sympathy for Arsenal.

The duo were speaking on the BBC’s Match of the Day and discussed a contentious moment in the 1-0 loss for Mikel Arteta’s side.

As well as a close penalty call early in the second half, Arsenal were also denied a late goal owing to a handball decision against Kai Havertz.

And both Lineker and Wright were frustrated that the rules worked against the Arsenal attacker, ones now inhibiting goals.

Wright said: “This is the moment for me, you know, the ball was so close to everybody.

“It’s hit Matty Cash’s hand, it’s hit Havertz’s hand, but the law says that it cannot hit your hand anywhere and it leads to the goal and you score.

“It’s the most ridiculous law.”

Lineker added: “Defenders can accidentally handball it, forwards can’t – why are we trying to stop goals?

The people who make the laws of the game, why are we doing that? Really bizarre.”

Wright: “The most ridiculous law in all of law, not just football law, all law in the whole world of law, the multiverse and everything.”

Gary Lineker and Ian Wright fuming over handball decision given against Arsenal’s Kai Havertz

Of course, many football fans will agree with the two pundits.

Although both strikers in their day, very few would disagree with their thoughts that attackers are now needlessly punished via the rule.

There seems little reason why a defender can accidentally touch the ball with their hand without punishment, yet an attacker can’t.

And although it worked in Villa’s favour yesterday, even the home fans will surely want to see the rule rectified moving forwards.

Mikel Arteta wisely kept his thoughts to himself after the game – he’s been punished too often.

But he would surely agree with the comments of both Lineker and Wright, with Arsenal undone by the tightest of margins on a few occasions.

However, the manager will ultimately have wished that his side didn’t need to rely on any decisions from the referee or VAR.

And he will perhaps be disappointed with one individual performance on a big evening for his side.

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