Sky Sports journalist shares what he noticed about Mikel Arteta and Arsenal’s players at full-time after Everton match

There was to be no Premier League title for Arsenal today as Manchester City won yet another championship under Pep Guardiola.

Arsenal did their job in the end as a late goal from Kai Havertz sealed a win over Everton.

But it proved to be meaningless as City romped to a 3-1 win over West Ham and closed the door.

For Arsenal’s players, it was yet another tough end to another fantastic season but like last year, they’ve come up short and you have to wonder what will be next.

Indeed, going onto the pitch at full-time, one of Sky’s reporters shared just what Arsenal’s players and Mikel Arteta looked like at full-time.


How Arsenal’s players reacted at full-time after losing the title to Manchester City
Speaking from the stadium at full-time, Sky Sports’ Nick Wright noticed just how both Mikel Arteta and his Arsenal players appeared in the immediate aftermath.

“As you would expect, Arsenal’s players look downbeat and dejected as Havertz’s late goal proves in vain. Mikel Arteta is stoney-faced as he makes his way onto the pitch but the fans sound their appreciation for the Gunners boss,” Wright said.

“No title, a huge disappointment, but a fantastic season nonetheless.”

Can Arsenal rebuild and come back?
Arsenal fans will have a feeling of what else do they need to actually do to overcome City.

And it’s a fair question, given how good they’ve been and the fact that 89 points and the best defence in the league has still not delivered.

Put simply, Arsenal just have to go again. They need a summer where a few new players arrive and they need to make sure they do away with the crucial losses.

Arsenal lost five times this season to City’s three. And it’s those fine margins that are proving the difference, as Thierry Henry has mentioned in regards to the Aston Villa loss.

Mikel Arteta will go again. But he might just need some new faces to push on.

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