So sharp’…Omari Hutchinson names the two Arsenal players he’d always watch closely in training

Former Arsenal youngster Omari Hutchinson has been speaking about his time at the club and admitted some players were a joy to watch in training.

Hutchinson left Arsenal to sign for Chelsea in a surprise move and he has spent this season with Ipswich Town, who are pushing hard for a return to the Premier League right now

The youngster is, of course, known for his tricky wing play and pace out wide. And casting an eye back to Arsenal in an interview with Sky Sports, Hutchinson has admitted he used to love watching Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli in Arsenal training

Yeah a close friend, close boy called Bukayo [Saka]. I used to look up to him a lot. He was going through the whole academy. Martinelli, as well, I used to watch him, he’s so sharp,” Hutchinson said.

Saka and Martinelli are world class
There’s a good reason here why Hutchinson brings these two up and it’s simply down to the fact they are such brilliant individual players.

As he says, how Sharp Martinelli and Saka are makes them so easy on the eye and it’s little wonder Arsenal are doing so well under Mikel Arteta.

Both Saka and Martinelli have been huge players for the Gunners this last 18 months and it’s amazing really to think they cost next to nothing either between them

For Hutchinson, there might be an element of regret in leaving to sign for Chelsea. But he is carving his own path it seems and playing well for Ipswich is doing him no harm at all.

And if he can go some way to even getting close to the levels of a Saka or a Martinelli, then he’ll have not done too badly at all with his career.

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