There’s an issue’… Martin Keown has noticed a major flaw in ‘outstanding’ Arsenal player

Martin Keown has given his verdict on Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus after watching him in action against Crystal Palace at the Emirates Stadium.

The Arsenal legend and TNT Sports pundit has noticed a major issue in the game of Jesus.

So, what has Martin Keown said about Gabriel Jesus? Let’s take a look.

Martin Keown comments on Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus
Well, Arsenal beat Crystal Palace in the London derby on Saturday. Mikel Arteta’s side won the Premier League match against Crystal Palace at the Emirates Stadium in North London 5-0.

Gabriel Jesus started the match after recovering from injury. The Brazil international was deployed as the central striker.

The former Manchester City striker worked hard for the team, linked up well with his fellow attacking players, and provided an assist.

Arsenal legend Martin Keown was following the match for TNT Sports.

While the pundit has praised Jesus as a footballer, he does not think that the striker actually wants to get into positions where he could score goals.

Keown told TNT Sports about Jesus: “I like him as a player, I think he’s an excellent player. I just feel there’s an issue, is he really the predator? Does he want to get into that central position.

“It almost seemed he went back to type there, ‘I’ll wander into a wide position and then I’ll feed somebody else.’

“He doesn’t really make the runs into the box. You’ve got to want to really get there. There’s got to be the desire to get to the ball. He can see the space, but for whatever reason he doesn’t want to get into that area. Then they don’t feed him, they don’t give him the ball, but that’s an area he just needs to work on.

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