Thierry Henry absolutely loved what Martin Odegaard said after last night’s win

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has now admitted that he really enjoyed what Martin Odegaard said after last night’s seismic win.

Henry, who seemed to be enjoying every second of Arsenal’s attacking display last night, was probably wanting to lace his own boots back up.

Mikel Arteta’s side started the game in ruthless fashion, just as they have in all of their recent Premier League games.

And Arsenal’s attack simply proved just far too strong for Sheffield United, who couldn’t cope with how the likes of Bukayo Saka were moving the ball.

Declan Rice was also imperious in midfield, driving the game forwards in a number eight position he’s beginning to make his own.

However, perhaps what impressed Henry the most on the night is what Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard said after full time.

Henry was covering the game for Monday Night Football and pointed out that Odegaard said something he used to always say when he was at Barcelona

And whilst a lot of Arsenal fans prefer to forget Thierry’s days in Spain, the story could bode rather well in this incident.

Thierry Henry amazed by what Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard said at full-time
After the game, Odegaard was speaking about Arsenal’s pressing during the match, and Henry said immediately loved what he heard.

Henry explained: “He said a word that I used to love and I understood that at Barcelona, because we were playing the same way.

“What was impressive for me at Barcelona was the way we recovered the ball and put pressure on.

“But I wanted to know we were safe to go, he used the exact same word.

“Because when you go and put pressure you don’t want to go and do this [are they following me?]. He is not looking [around] thinking shall I go. They are gone!”

Of course, it’s never a bad thing if Thierry is finding similarities between himself and the ideas of a current Arsenal player.

Martin Odegaard was absolutely brilliant yet again last night, and he really is now a captain who leads by example.

And following last night’s seismic win, Chris Wilder did point out Odegaard as one of the five players who really hurt his Sheffield United side.

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