Thierry Henry names the two teams Arsenal need to avoid in Champions League draw tomorrow


Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has now been discussing who thinks his former side should avoid in tomorrow’s Champions League draw.

Mikel Arteta’s team won in dramatic fashion at the Emirates on Tuesday, proving just far they’ve come.

FC Porto proved to be an incredibly tough stylistic match up, a team that were preventing Arsenal from playing their usual game, but they ultimately found a way to win.

Arsenal looked full of conviction during the penalty shoot out, and David Raya chose a good time to become a hero.

That being said, Arteta’s side are now in the quarter-final draw for the first time in 14 years.

Arsenal’s possible opponents are: Atletico de Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Paris-Saint-Germain and Real Madrid.

And of course at this stage of the draw it’s completely open, there’s no country protection meaning Arteta could face Pep Guardiola in Europe

That considered, Thierry Henry has now named two teams he thinks Arsenal really need to avoid in tomorrow’s Champions League draw.

Speaking on CBS Sports, Henry thought there were still two obvious heavyweights.

Thierry Henry hopes Arsenal avoid two teams in tomorrow’s Champions League draw
Henry said he thinks Manchester City are still the team to beat, and had concern regarding a well known Spanish side too.

He explained: “Look there are two teams there that can be cocky, in brackets, it’s Real Madrid and Man City, that’s about it.

“The others you just take who you get. I think City are still the team to beat, for me.”

Of course, as Henry mentioned, we are in ‘take who you get’ territory now.

Ultimately if Arsenal want to win the Champions League they will need to be able to overcome any of the teams mentioned

But I think every Arsenal fan will understand Henry’s view that City in particular would not be a fun draw tomorrow.

Arteta’s side already face the side that beat them to last year’s Premier League title at the end of the month, a game that holds just as much importance this time around.

All that being considered, Bukayo Saka has now decided which competition he’d rather win this season.

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