Thierry Henry pinpoints the actual moment when Arsenal lost the Premier League title to Man City

It wasn’t to be for Arsenal today as they managed to beat Everton but saw Manchester City win against West Ham to seal a fourth title in a row.

Arsenal had looked like they were struggling from the get go and when word of Phil Foden scoring after a minute for City filtered into the ground, the energy in the stadium just disappeared.
Still, Arsenal had a job to do and they eventually fought back from a goal down, as Kai Havertz fired in late to seal the win and round off a fine season.

Of course, there is no title for the Gunners and it will sting a touch. And it’s fair to say the Gunners have had moments where it has cost them.

In particularly, according to Thierry Henry anyway, there was a critical moment in the season that has simply cost Arsenal.
Thierry Henry names the moment that cost Arsenal the Premier League title

Commenting on the game for Premier League Productions, Gunners legend Henry pointed to the defeat against Aston Villa as the defining moment.

“Arsenal did what they had to do on the day. Like I said before, it’s not in your hands even if you win the game,” Henry said.
You’d have to wait and see what happened at the Etihad. It’s not an easy one. We can put it to an ‘at least you pushed Man City all the way.’ I go back to the Villa game, you don’t give Man City the chance to have the title in their hands.”

Arsenal nearly all they could

89 points, 91 goals, and only 29 conceded but still, Arsenal could not topped the juggernaut that is Manchester City.

Ultimately, Henry is right here and in a big game against Villa when the pressure was on, Arsenal simply didn’t deliver.

This has been a hugely impressive season for Mikel Arteta and his team but quite how they bounce back from this, will be a big question hanging over them.

Arsenal will go again. But they might need to freshen things up in order to clear the cobwebs and ensure no hangover.

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