When the going gets tough’… Pundit suggests £50m player could be a weak link for Arsenal now

Arsenal look like they mean business in this title race.

The Gunners have thumped every team they’ve played over the past month or so, and, to be honest, they look unstoppable right now

However, with all due respect, Arsenal have hardly been tested as of late.

Sheffield United and Burnley are two of the most pitiful teams we’ve ever seen in the Premier League, while West Ham and Newcastle have been far from their best lately.

Of course, the win against Liverpool was mightily impressive, but even in that game, the Reds played into the Gunners’ hands.

A time will come when Arsenal are put under some serious pressure, and whether or not the Gunners can cope with that in the business end of the season remains to be seen.

Speaking on ESPN, Stuart Robson has been discussing what will happen once Arsenal do face a real challenge, and he’s questioned whether or not Ben White will be up for the challenge defensively when the going gets tough.

Stuart Robson questions Ben White
The pundit shared his concern about the £50m man.

“There’s only one way to beat Arsenal at the moment and that’s to put players in forward areas and go long. Test the two centre-halves, is (Ben) White a really good defender when the going gets tough? Don’t sit back, put them under pressure, go long and make them fight for their victory,” Robson said.

More than good enough
We really don’t understand why Robson is singling White out here.

If there’s any defender in this Arsenal backline who has proven himself in the big moments, it’s White.

Even towards the end of last season, White’s levels didn’t seem to drop all that much, and he should be absolutely fine.

Gabriel Magalhaes and Oleksandr Zinchenko would be the bigger worries in our view, but, as for White, we have no doubt that he’ll be able to cope with all the pressure and rigours of a Premier League title race.

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