White ‘should be celebrated’ amid Arsenal’s Kane ‘obsession’; City ‘will be pants’ when Guardiola leaves

The Mailbox reckons Ben White ‘should be celebrated’ for snubbing England, while Manchester City are warned they ‘will be pants’ when Pep Guardiola leaves.

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Ben White
What’s the issue with him saying he doesn’t want to play for England?

If you want to argue that he should feel honoured and all that then there’s an argument there. But if a player doesn’t feel honoured to represent the mighty England why should they?

It’s not national conscription in war times, it’s football. There shouldn’t be any problems with someone exercising the greatest thing this country has actually given anyone – free choice. In fact anytime somone doesn’t want to represent England or sing the anthem or kneel to the queen it should be celebrated because it’s an example that we actually do have some freedom left here.

The day someone is forced to play for England or forced to belt out the anthem will be a sad day, because it will mean will live in a nationalist fascist state where people can’t choose anymore.

for me, the best striker in Premier League history is Alan Shearer.

And finally, if Real Madrid signs Mbappe on astronomical wages will that spell financial doom for the club? Think about it, he’ll take the place of someone else, how much more could they win, how much more money could they generate from price money, sponsorhip deals and jersey sales? Don’t forget they already have a lot of big names on undoubtedly big wages as well. If Madrid does sign Mbappe I believe there’s a good chance that Madrid is the next big club to implode barring a rescue from some obscure club in Saudi Arabia.

That’s my bucket for now.
Soei (Gooner in the Netherlands)


Unhealthy Kane obsession
It was good to see Rob, Bristol Gooner once again demonstrate that Harry Kane may have left the PL but he’s still stuck firmly in Arsenal’s fans heads. He’s worried that Kane will ‘sh*thouse another penalty’ because as we all know, Harry Kane is the worst diver ever and no Arsenal player has ever done such a thing (well not since last week anyway).

Now Harry Kane has scored a lot of penalties against Arsenal, 7 to be precise. But actually a grand total of 2 of those were for fouls on Kane, both of which were pretty much indisputable. It’s almost as if it’s a false narrative they’ve talked themselves into over the years. Arsenal fans should be worried about Kane, but because he’s the best striker in the world and in brilliant form, that’s enough without making up nonsense as well.

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