Wright ‘can see’ Arsenal signing Newcastle star after ‘new twist’ to beat Man City to title

Ian Wright has explained why he “could see” Arsenal signing forward Alexander Isak from Premier League rivals Newcastle United this summer.

Isak has been one of Newcastle United’s best post-takeover signings as he has been sensational for the Premier League side since joining from Real Sociedad for around £63m.

It has been suggested in recent months that Newcastle could sell Isak in the summer to ease their financial fair play issues. The striker has been heavily linked with Arsenal as they scour the market for an upgrade on Gabriel Jesus/Eddie Nketiah.

A report from Football Insider claims Newcastle are planning to ‘hold contract talks’ with Isak after a ‘new twist’ saw Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur show interest in the striker.

Wright thinks Isak could be “worth his weight in gold” to Arsenal, who should target the 24-year-old for a couple of key reasons.

“You look at some of the games which were really tight, you go back to the Aston Villa game where Arsenal lost,” Wright said.

“If you had that striker who could get that goal out of nothing, it settles you down, you get the goal and you know you have somebody who could take half a chance.

“It’s worth its weight in gold. It gets the whole team settled. You relax and then you can start playing.

“If you are continually missing chances at the stage Arsenal were and none of the front guys were scoring, then you start to feel the pressure on the team.

“That’s what you can’t do against Man City. You have to be able to score the goals. We did score. We scored a lot of goals this season. But I am talking about changing games and changing the way you are playing the game.

“I think they would definitely look at somebody that would fit into a very technically organised side. A team that can stretch.”

There is a lot of talk about what’s happening with Isak at Newcastle. You look at Isak, you could say, ‘Yeah [you’d take him].’

“You could probably see somebody like him at Arsenal the way he plays. The way he can link up. The way Mikel would want him to play in that team if it was him or a player of that stature.

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